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About P2PKC

        Purses to Persevere KC was founded in October of 2019 by Isabella Earp. Isabella, a student at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, was inspired to start this organization when she was driving through downtown Kansas City, Missouri. As she was observing the variety of people she saw walking, she noticed a woman struggling to carry her belongings in plastic grocery sacks. Immediately, an idea that she should help this woman, and women in similar positions, by providing them with a purse came to her mind. Isabella concluded that every person deserves a beautiful handbag to hold their personal belongings, as it gives a woman a sense of confidence and dignity. This, she believed, was a seemingly small act of kindness that would have larger, positive effects. She researched and found a couple of nonprofit organizations outside of her area that had a similar mission, and decided to put her own twist on it and start one of her own to benefit her community.


        Purses to Persevere KC seeks to inspire and empower women to persevere through challenges in their lives by providing them with a beautiful bag filled to the brim with compassion, comfort, support, and essential care items. The items that we put in the bags vary based on the needs of each specific shelter. On our “Donation Items List” tab, we have listed the common items that are typically put in each bag. The idea behind providing women with self care items along with a handbag is that “if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good” (Georges St-Pierre). Our goal is to inspire women to go out into the world and conquer their challenges and promote good for themselves and those around them. Additionally, we hope to encourage self-growth and restore confidence that might have been lost in trying times. 


        100% of all donations go directly towards supporting women in and outside of our Greater Kansas City community. We have taken steps to aid those who are struggling all over the world. Purses to Persevere has donated internationally to 2 countries thus far: Trinidad and Tobago, and Haiti. Over the past year, we have received and donated over 2,000 purses to women in need. 


        If you are interested in learning more about Purses to Persevere KC and how you can get involved, we strongly suggest that you take a look at the “Get Involved” tab on our website and follow us on Instagram where we post frequent updates and volunteer opportunities. 

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